WorldMissionSmallKCM World Mission 

At KCM we are committed to supporting local and international missionary organisations both in prayer and financially.  To that end we hold a monthly missionary prayer meeting which is open for anyone to attend and we give about 12% of our offerings to missionary organisations outside of KCM.  

We have listed below the missionary organisations that we support, with a link to their website (opens new window).


Baptist Missionary Society
"Working among some of the most marginalised and
least envangelised people, in some of the most
fragile places on earth."

Baptist Union Home Mission
"Helping Baptist churches and individuals to reach
their mission potential and bring the love of
God to their communities."


Bury Town Pastors
"Bringing a positive influence on the streets
of Bury St. Edmunds at night and providing help
and support to vulnerable people."

Parish Nurse (Area Coordinator support)
"Support for people and communities towards
Whole Person Healthcare."

Youth For Christ
"Working in the schools within a 10 mile
radius of Newmarket, running events and
helping with smaller youth groups."