Why Safeguarding? 

At KCM we want to do the best for all our church family, including the children, young people and adults at risk in our care. We also want to support and care for our staff and volunteers, who help us to run the various ministries of KCM. Safeguarding is a SHARED responsibility.

Guiding principles

The principles below will guide all elements of safeguarding at KCM :

  • Timely safeguarding action.  Advice to be sought/action to be taken within 24 hours.
  • The involvement of others on a need-to-know basis only.
  • The early identification and management of actual or potential risks.
  • The discharging of duties to the highest professional standard.
  • The active commitment of all in promoting and keeping our community safe.

Safety for ALL

We actively seek the well being of those children, young people and adults at risk who are in our care on a day to day basis and take part in activities.  This is also true for our staff and volunteers who help us to run those activities. We look to support them, protect them and encourage them as they help us.

Safely Recruiting Staff and Volunteers

As part of our policy staff and volunteers are taken through an induction process which includes checking references and going through a Disclosure and Barring (DBS) check. This ensures KCM is not used as a point of entry for those who would seek to harm the people in our care. We aim to repeat this DBS check within 3 years to make sure nothing has happened in the meantime to change a person’s status.


The Eastern Baptist Association hold regular training courses and we encourage our volunteers and staff to attend them. Keeping up to date with the latest legislation and current practices. means we maintain our ‘best practice’ stance.


  • Safeguarding ensures the safety and wellbeing of our children, young people and adults at risk.
  • Safeguarding supports and protects our staff and volunteers.
  • Safeguarding makes sure we keep up with and comply with current legislation.
  • Safeguarding creates a safer environment for everyone who uses or accesses our facilities.
  • Safeguarding gives staff, volunteers and our visitors an instant point of contact if they need it.
  • Safeguarding is for the benefit of all of us not just a few.

Safegaurding Documents

Please see below links to download the following policy documents:
  1. KCM Adults at Risk Policy - click here to download
  2. KCM Child Protection Safeguarding Policy - click here to download
  3. KCM Equal Opportunities Statement - click here to download